My name is Naseem AlAhmadi and I'm a UK certified Personal & Fitness Trainer. I am a member of UK REPs (UK Register of Exercise Professionals). I am also a nutritional advisor where I could provide recommendations and guidance towards a healthy balanced diet.

I simply LOVE working out; the gym has been my passion since I was 16 years old....

Working-out was my getaway off stress, boredom or feeling sad. Few years later, working out had become more than a habit or a life-style; I developed my knowledge in fitness, and started to educate myself intellectually, mentally & physically of the fundamentals of fitness and the benefits of working out. 


In 2016, my passion and desire pushed me to study fitness and become a certified trainer. 

I applied for a personal training course in the UK, and proudly I got certified in five fitness courses. It is one of my biggest accomplishments in life, and honestly, I am proud of myself to have become a Saudi female Trainer and be able to raise awareness in our community about fitness. 


My ultimate happiness is to share my knowledge and experience with you, and help you to reach your goal whether it's weight loss, tone and/or build muscles, or flexibility.

I will be delighted to work with you towards a heathy life-style.


  • UK certified Fitness & Gym Instructor.

  • UK certified Personal Trainer.

  • UK certified Circuit Trainer.

  • UK certified Kettlebell Trainer.

  • UK certified Nutritional Advisor.